The 2022 USNAO has been cancelled due to events in Ukraine.

Thank you for your interest!

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2021: Exam, Key

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2021: Exam, Key

About the USNAO

The United States National Astronomy Olympiad acts as the American branch of the International Astronomy Olympiad. The USNAO was founded in 2019 with the support of Dr. Patricia Reiff of Rice University.

About the IAO

The International Astronomy Olympiad is an international astronomy competition for high school students. The IAO has been organized since 1996 by the Institute of Solid State Physics in Russia. IAO 2022 will be held in Matera, Italy.

Past International Astronomy Olympiads

2019: Jack Lee, Jonah Quist, Sri Devulapalli, Nathan Yan (Honorable Mention)

Team Leaders: Patricia Reiff, Franklyn Pacheco

2021: Adam Tang, Forest Ho-Chen, Brian Zhang (Bronze Medal), William Huang (qualified), Harish Krishnakumar (alternate)

Team Leaders: Patricia Reiff, Cody Meng, Jack Lee, Jason Ling